Lively Plant

Lively Plants Floating Flower Pot

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  • 🌱 Lively Plant consists of a planter that levitates over a walnut base or light wood via magnetic levitation. Designed to gently rotate during suspension.
  • 🌿 Lively Plant is a zero-gravity growing system allowing you to cultivate your favorite plants in mid-air.
  • 🌵 Plants 12-sided geodesic planter is moulded from silicon. As it rotates in mid-air, different shades appear, providing a hypnotic and relaxing experience for your home of office. Watch as your plants levitate in air 
  • 🍃Lively Plant is where the magic happens. Our custom shaped magnet pushes up against an electromagnetic base, causing the planter to levitate in mid-air, lifting your plant to new dimensions.