Lively Plant

Lively Plant's Smart Monitor

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  • 🌡 【TEMPERATURE SENSOR】: Lively Plants Wireless Plant Monitor has Professional Accurate Temperature Sensor's to help you Monitor and Analyze your plant. The Temperature Detection is Accurate to 0.5 Degrees Celsius
  • 🔆 【SUNLIGHT SENSOR】:  Helps to Read and Analyze Intensity of Sunlight; Measurable Light Intensity up to 100000LUX and Light Intensity Precision up to 100LUX
  • 🌱【 PLANT NUTRIENT MONITOR】: Soil Test Kits---4 Stainless Steel EC Probes at the Bottom of the Plant Monitor for Tracking Available Fertilizers. Soil Nutrient Content will be Sent to your Phone, then you can Fertilize Following the Reference Information
  • 💦 【SOIL MOISTURE DETECTOR】: Black Long Strips Section Helps to Detect Water Content of the Soil Quickly, Can Accurately Know Whether the Plant Should be Watered; The Monitoring Result Precision Reaches to Professional Soil Probe EC5 Standard
  • ❤️ 【"Flower Care" APP】: Bluetooth 4.1, Know More about your Plants Condition by Connecting Lively Plant Monitor to "Flowers Care" or "Mi Home" APP via Bluetooth; The APP has a Data Base of More Than 900 Plants Caring Methods and CAN Identify 3000 Kinds of Plants; Powered by Button Battery CR2032, which has 365 days Battery Life..